15 Best Whiskeys for the Whiskey Lovers

How long have you been drinking Jack Daniels Blue Label, or any other whiskey? That should tell how much you know about different bottles of this fine liquor. Here we hold your hand and list for you some of the 15 best whiskeys of all time.

If you have your friends who can spend a whole night in the bar with some Scotch by their side, choosing some fine whiskey bottles would not be that challenging. 

What if you are gifting a friend you saw a decade ago – they might have changed their favorites. So what makes you think that Bourbon, Scotch, or Irish is always the best you can get them for a birthday or Valentine’s Day?

Not every bottle of whiskey on the counter is best gift for someone you love. There are hundreds of whiskey bottles in the market today – You might need an eagle eye to land on the best sour whiskey for your ally. 

In pursuit of the finest whiskey on the planet, you end up being confused, and that is why you need to be friends with Bottle and Ash. Here is where you should start searching for the finest of all whiskey bottles.

1. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey

Are you familiar with Frank Sinatra’s song My Way? Well, Jack Daniels Sinatra Selection now brings it back to life once more. In this fantastic Tennessee whiskey, you have all you have been looking for in a drink.

The bottle has been designed to pay tribute to Jack’s number one fan, Frank Sinatra. This drink has been aged in the Sinatra barrels. The whiskey is exposed to extra layers of toasted oak and balanced with fine Tennessee whiskey.

When you have an icon’s name on a whiskey bottle, all you can expect is some good time. Now, you get all the delicate flavors and ideal intoxication of a whiskey when you reach out for this bottle. This is a match made in heaven, and considering its premium package, it is a gift for any whiskey lover.

2. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon

Are you looking for the best bourbon whiskey to gift your friend? The Woodford Reserve is one of the best you should be looking forward to picking from the shelves.  This is an award-winning bottle – the 2018 American Whiskey Masters.

When you make that call to order bourbon for a friend, this brand should come to mind. The Woodford Reserve is a double-oaked and innovative approach to barreled bourbon.

Ideally, making this whiskey begins from a Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon, matured for the second time in a new barrel. This double-barrel is toasted deeply in a light charring to bring out the ideal flavors of Woodford Reserve.

It is rich in flavor and comes loaded with marzipan, vanilla, and chocolate notes. You should serve it neat when you drink this whiskey to get the whole experience.

3. Shibui Pure Malt Japanese Whisky 

Most whiskey lovers may not know that Japanese single malts are, in most cases, blends of Scotch.  This has been a long-kept secret in the Japanese whiskey market.

The Shibui Pure Malt makers have kept the secret behind this whisk for ages now.  The company says that they simply take some of the pre-existing whiskies and blend them to get the finest results, and that is what you get when you buy this bottle as a gift.

The Shibui is a blend of 100% malted barley from Niigata, Japan, and some Scottish whiskey from the Scottish Lowlands.

The blend is aged in an ex-bourbon, mizunara casks, and some oloroso sherry. The result of this mix is a slight and hefty candied walnut that you will enjoy to the last tip.

4. The Glenfiddich 21 Year Gran Reserve

If you are a newbie to whiskey, you should try a top-shelf whiskey to understand what an authentic whiskey tastes like. The Glenfiddich 21 Gran Reserve is one of the top whiskeys you can drink or, better still, gift a loved one. 

The maturity of this whiskey goes handy with the price tag. It shaves down the bite and lets you appreciate its elegant subtleties. This single malt whiskey is finished in some Caribbean rum casks, with some hidden hints of spicy toffee, banana, and other fruits.

This whiskey brand has been around since 1887 and is currently one of the best-selling single malt whiskeys. If you are just starting to fall in love with whiskey, this is one of the bottles you need in your bar cart.

The 21-year-old tag on this whiskey simply means that you can gift it to any whiskey lover – someone with a taste of whiskey on their lips.

5.  The Macallan Sherry Oak 12-Year-Old

When you come to the world of whiskey, Macallan is one famous name that you will meet.  This whiskey brand has been around since 1824, and to date, it is still one of the best-selling Scotch brands in the market.  This is one of the first to mass-produce single malt whiskeys you will meet.

There are many reasons why you will fall in love with this drink. First, it has been matured in exceptional Oloroso sherry-seasoned oak casks from Spain. The barrels casks give the whiskey some floral spice and fruitiness.

The whiskey is matured for 12 years, making it a premium scotch like no other. If you want to surprise your friend this holiday, you can break the bank for this fantastic bottle of whiskey.

6.  Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky

Japanese whiskey has found itself in the world of whiskey over the past decade. Today, if you haven’t drunk some Japanese whiskey of late, you are missing a lot.

The Suntory Toki whiskey is a good place to start your journey in whiskey.  It is growing to become one of the biggest whiskeys, giving some top brands a run for their money.

This type of whiskey has some rich sharpness and spice that you cannot find in other bottles. The quality of this brand of whiskey outsmarts your ordinary bourbon. What do you expect from a brand with three distilleries in different locations?

The Suntory Toki whiskey is one of the best sellers that come in a more reasonable price tag and a flavor that works magic on its cocktail. The lightness in this Japanese whiskey is something you want to cherish most of the time. The package and the fine-looking bottle all make it ideal for gifting a whiskey lover.

7. George Dickle Barrel Select

If you search for another high-end Tennessee whiskey, you can seek refuge in the George Dickel Barrel.  This whiskey comes from one of the largest Tennessee whiskey distilleries. George Dickel Barrel Select is one of the best sellers from the distillery.

In making this whiskey, it was first stepped up in charcoal and aged 12 good years. The ten barrels are hand-selected hand-select by George Dickel’s Mater Distiller, John Lunn. 

This is an award-winning flavor marked by caramel with some hints of oak, rye, and vanilla. The flavor fades slowly, leaving you with some satisfying taste.

Barrel Select is premium bourbon, and that means you should enjoy it neat with some drops of water. It is also the best for making some bourbon cocktails for the party.

8. Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10-Year

Perhaps you are looking for the best whiskey you can enjoy after work. The best is always here on this famous bourbon. Henry McKenna is one of the most popular whiskeys you should look forward to drinking if you are new to drinking whiskey.

If you like to hang out with winners, this award-winning bottle is one of the best you should have on your counter. The bottle won the Best in Show Whiskey at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  Glen Scotia 25-year-old Single Malt Whisky is another whiskey that holds this title.

This award is one of the highest for any brand. It is one of the second bourbons to get this special award.

This special bourbon comes all the way from Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky. The distillery is famous for other award-winning bottles like Larceny, Elijah Craig, and Pikesville Rye Whiskey.  Henry McKenna is made from bourbon that has been aged for ten years in a single barrel. 

You may take the prestigious for something expensive. However, it is budget-friendly compared to other bottles within its range.

9. Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

The history of whiskey is farfetched, and in this bottle of Glendalough Irish Whiskey, you have all to cherish.  Over 1,000 years ago, Scots and the Irish became the first to introduce grain and barley in creating the whiskey we know of today.

The difference between the Irish whiskey and the American wine spirit is the addition of ‘e’ to the word whisky.  If you are just wondering what you get in this whisky, Glendalough is an independent Irish whiskey to discover yourself. It is an award-winning bottle in the 2021 San Francisco spirits competition.

This drink is named after the Monastic City established by St. Kevin in the 6th century. This is where most monks would distill some of the first whiskey.

Enough of this long history; this is one bottle that will make your day one of the best gifts you can have for a whiskey lover.

10. Uncle Nearest 1856

The fantastic story behind Uncle Nearest makes it one of the top whiskeys you can have. This whisky derives its name from the famous distiller Nathan “Nearest” Green. He was the first black distiller born into slavery. He is the brain behind the modern Tennessee whiskey and was able to pass the concept of making great whiskeys to Jack Daniels, his student.

Uncle Nearest 1856 was launched in 2017 to honor Green’s impact on American spirits.  This is a whiskey for the legends, and if you are looking for some drink that will reveal yourself, you should not hesitate to have this one on your table.

It is fragrant, floral, and smooth than your ordinary whiskey. Having gone through eight years of aging, the least you should expect from this brand is fantastic taste and smoothness.

And then comes the boom – Uncle Nearest is 100% proof. This bottle has been received well by the whiskey community, giving it some top marks, and as beginners, we have to follow suit in this whiskey.

11. Paul John Classic Select Cask

This is one of the most remarkable drinks on the planet today. When India was introduced to the world of whiskey in the 19th Century, they immediately started introducing their bottles into the market. Yes, India is not one of the biggest producers of whiskey globally, but when you mention whiskey, they also come into play.

Paul John Select is one of the best whiskey bottles from India. It was launched in 2008 and competes well in the high-end market.

Paul John Select’s whiskey is made of purely Indian ingredients and equipment. It is distilled and aged in tropical Goa to increase its maturation speed. This whiskey results in increased maturation and strong liquor that makes your world go round.

12. Tullamore D.E.W Phoenix Irish Whiskey

If you love how you feel when you drink some Irish whiskey, this is one bottle you should never forget to order. Tullamore D.E.W Irish Whiskey has been made with a touch of class and quality

It is inspired by the rebirth of the Irish town Tullamore in the 18th century and the establishment of the distillery.

This makes it one of the best Irish whiskeys you should hunt in the market. Surprisingly, you can only find this Irish whiskey in airport shops. So the next time you are looking for Jack Daniels or any whiskey from Tennessee, forgo them and try this Tullamore D.E.W.

It is made by one of the best distilleries in the world today, giving you the exact feel and flavor you need in a bottle of whiskey. The whiff of Phoenix hits you hard in this bottle. It is crafted by blending a pure port whiskey and golden grain malt.

13. Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey

Japan has a lot to offer you, like automobiles and, of course, some great whiskey. If you love Japanese whiskey like Nikka Coffey, Hibiki Harmony is another bottle you should be adding to your list of best whiskeys to drink.

Hibiki Harmony is a non-age statement of Hibiki 12 and 17 that you cannot find in the market today because of the increasing demand for Japanese whiskey globally.

This famous drink takes you through the craftsmanship of the Japanese whiskey as it nodes to the significant influence of Scotch. 

It is a blend of two single malt whiskeys from Suntory distilleries Yamazaki and Hakushu. Yamazaki is floral and fruity, while Hakushu is smoky and green. This whiskey also uses a grain whiskey from the Chita distillery.

14. Glenmorangie Signet

Sure, your list of best whiskeys to drink is not over without the mention of Glenmorangie Signet. Simply put, you cannot go wrong if you have this kind of whiskey on the table.

It is a household name, and the distiller knows what works best in a bottle of whiskey. The bottle has maintained its ingredients for over a decade now making it one of the best to keep your eyes on.

It was released in 2008 as the first-ever single malt whiskey to use high roast chocolate malt barley with a blend of whiskey matured in bespoke casks.

When you open this bottle, you are welcome to taste warm coffee, cinnamon, and ginger, followed by tiramisu and dark chocolate. This is an aroma that is mainly focused on sweet notes.

15. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

If you are looking for the best-tasting whiskey on the planet, Johnnie Walker is one the best you can try. This is a popular option for both whiskey novices and legends. It gets its delicate share of competition from the other rivals in the industry.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the world’s most distributed Scotch whiskeys. This simply means that it never disappoints you whenever you have it on the table.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is one of the distillery’s most prestigious and expensive bottles. It comes with great taste and flavor, making it worth the price tag.

The explosion of flavor from the first sip, the signature spice, and the sweetness make this whiskey brand one of the best you can have with friends. It is a smooth whiskey, which means you can enjoy flavors like sandalwood, hazelnut, and toasted oak.

Final Thoughts

What more can you say when a friend gift you one of these top whiskey drinks on your birthday? Well, it will surely be a day you don’t want to forget.

The best of straight whiskey is not easy to find. If you hunt for the best in the market, you should not hesitate to place your order for these fantastic and exceptional bottles. Make your weekends count by creating memories with the best whiskeys.

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